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For more information on our services and maintenance, please contact our service manager:

Brent Whetstone
Service & Warranty Manager

Email: brent@ellensequipment.com

Services and Maintenance

Our seasoned staff at Ellens Equipment with more than 75 years of equipment repair experience is the driving force in our quest to be the dealer of choice in our area.

We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing where to have your equipment serviced. We will keep working hard to earn your business. That means service up to the highest standards, performed by our staff of highly trained technicians using only factory authorized parts and techniques for a lifetime of peak performance.

Ellens Equipment, Inc. would be honored to be the single source for all your service and maintenance needs.

After-Hours Service Line
(231) 920-1319

Ellens Equipment offers service after 5:00pm by calling our after-hours service line. Calling the service line will connect you directly to a service technician to help get you up and running immediately!

Please be aware there are charges that will apply for after hours parts service or a service call at your location. Cost for service is listed below:

After-Hours Parts Line
(231) 884-7077

Ellens Equipment offers parts after 5:00pm by calling our after-hours parts line. Calling the parts line will connect you directly to a parts salesman to help get you the parts you need immediately!

To utilize the after-hours parts service, there is a flat $50 fee.

Regular Shop Rates
Service Technician Hourly Service Technician Rate in shop $95.00/hour
Service Call Labor Rate $120.00/hour
Service Call Fee on location $60.00 + $120.00/hour
Cost for After-hours Service
Parts Only Flat Charge $50.00
Service Technician After-hours Service Call Labor Rate $140.00/hour
After-hours Service Call Fee on Location $100.00 + $140.00/hour
Warranty Units
Service Technician Hauling of Warrantied Equipment $60.00
Regular Hours Service Call Fee $60.00
After-hours Minimum Charge for Service $100.00
Equipment Hauling

*Fees for hauling equipment will vary based on size*
Call Brent Whetstone for more information

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